Viking River Cruises in Europe

VIKING in Europe

Viking River Cruises March 24 held the baptism of their new aircraft. On this day, the fleet operator has officially entered once 12 cruise ships. The ceremony took place simultaneously in Amsterdam and Rostock. And now run by Viking River are already 60 ships.Viking River Cruises offers cruises on the Rhine and other rivers in Europe. The ship Viking Fontane takes on board about 120 passengers.Ship Fontane made its first cruise in 2000. The comfortable River cruises on the Rhine, included in the schedule of the ship Viking Fontane, – an interesting river journey from Cologne or Nuremberg to Trier and back.



Viking river cruises 2015 grand european tour

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Viking River Cruises – one of the largest operators of river cruises in the world. Cruises on Viking River Cruises is well known in Russia and Ukraine.The crisis between Russia and Ukraine led to a drop in interest among customers for cruises in Russia. On this basis the company has to adjust the work of the courts to the homepage of the following year.Cabins on Viking River Cruises ships feature is not worse of hotel rooms. They offer a TV, telephone, air conditioning, spacious beds, bathroom. some rooms have French balconies.

In 2015,Viking River Cruises will only three of the five passenger ships. Thus, it is expected that the court will come Cruises’ Viking Ingvar “,” Viking Truvor “and” Viking Helgi, “and” Viking Akun “and” Viking Rurik “the work will not be introduced.These five-star cruise ships operate on a cruise on the Yangtze River in China.

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The Latest Ship – Viking Grace

Viking Line’s latest ship – Viking Grace has a clear environmental profile. The ferry is the world’s largest run on liquid natural gas and some of the other benefits would be quieter and smaller waves.

Viking Grace pulls up rougher sea than other ferries and highly contributes to the erosion of the sensitive beaches in the archipelago.

Studies show that the ship pulls up a big bow wave when it is running in around 12 knots, the fast ferry may hold inshore. Viking Line confirms that it is aware of the problem.To begin with, Viking Line will themselves make an analysis of what a lowering of the speed would mean and how time loss can be compensated.

Clearly Furusundsleden in the archipelago had to take a beating in recent years. According to a new report, the erosion damage more than doubled since 2000.

Cruise boom, with 250-300 port calls by cruise ships a year, also contributes to the damage.

Viking Line’s Stockholm-Helsinki Route

Viking Line’s workhorse Marinella, built in 1985, is the latest in a line of ships on the Baltic Sea to undergo a renovation.he ship is up to 22 April at the shipyard in Landskrona. When it re-deployed on its usual route Stockholm-Helsinki.

A good portion of Wednesday was spent on the press screening of Mariella Viking Line’s ships, who has been at the shipyard in Landskrona a few weeks and revamped for 3.5 million euros.

In addition to new kitchen and other improvements behind the scenes as also some happened that we ordinary travelers can enjoy.

Viking Cruises takes new publicity stunt and now looking for 1000 skeptics who gets to go on a cruise for free during the month of April. In return, they are expected to elect answer some questions about how they experience the journey and if they’re willing to go on a cruise again.

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Viking Line's Stockholm-Helsinki Route